Thank you for applying for consideration to rent one of our rental properties. Below are our policies for the application form/process and key terms to our lease agreement. The following information must be provided in addition to completing & submitting the application.

  1. APPLICATION PROCESS: Application must be filled out in its entirety. All applications will be considered based on the completeness of the information requested.
  1. SOURCE OF INCOME: Pay check stubs, written verification from employer, tax returns are acceptable forms of documentation.  Income verification for steady employment must be provided for the past 12 months. If self-employed, you must provide tax returns.
  1. HOUSING REFERENCES: Previous residency for the last 24 months must be verified. Living with or renting from relatives does not constitute a bonafide landlord reference.  Prior home ownership is also a good reference. Written verification of current address is required. Home owners will be cross referenced with the County Assessors records to verify ownership. Rental receipts may also be requested, as well as a copy of your lease and utility bills showing occupancy of the property. Prior judgments for evictions must be paid in full. Judgments less than two years old will not be considered.
  1. CREDIT WORTHINESS: A credit report will be obtained for background information purposes and certain derogatory credit information will need to be explained and may require the payment of additional security deposit.
  1. ARREST OR CONVICTIONS: Certain non-violent criminal arrests or convictions may be considered for residency. Violent offences will not be considered.
  1. INCOME TO RENT RATIO: You must provide verifiable income of at least 3 times the monthly rent. Two recent paycheck stubs or written verification of income and employment is required. A minimum two years of employment history is required. Self-Employed applicants must show two years tax returns and recent bank statements showing income activity of your business.
  1. PETS: Pets are allowed when approved in writing by the property owner or agent. Pets may not be allowed at some properties.

At the properties where pets are allowed, a non-refundable pet fee of $250.00 per pet is required. An additional pet rent of $25.00 per month pet rent may also be required.

  1. INCOMPLETE, ILLEGIBLE, INACCURATE INFORMATION: All information, phone numbers, dates, signatures or other required information must be provided and legible.
  1. VARIANCE POLICY: Payment of additional security deposit up to 1 and ½ time the monthly rent may be paid under certain circumstances to offset risk factors present in the applicant’s rental, employment or credit history.


We Do Not Accept Cash Except For The Payment of The Application Fee. The application fee can only be paid in cash or online. No checks or money order/cashier’s checks will be accepted for the application fee.

Move in payments for the first month’s rent, deposits and additional move in fees must be in the form of cashier check or money order.

You are strongly encouraged to obtain renters insurance. The owner’s insurance policy does not cover your personal belongings.  After you are given verbal approval and acceptance of your application the required security deposit must be paid in full with 48 hours. Once the security deposit is paid it is not refundable for any reason.  The deposit and first month’s rent must be paid by cashier’s check or money order.  Because of identity theft and privacy issues, we do not provide a mail key.

You must contact the post office in the area where your property is located to obtain a mail key. The post office usually charges a fee of about $50.00 for the keys.  You must turn on all required utility services, electric, gas, water, trash or others before you take occupancy of the property.  You must immediately report any problems you might discover in the process.  If you are renting a property that has gas service you need to apply for service at least six days ahead of time to ensure that it can be connected prior to your occupancy.

There are no verbal agreements. All changes to the property or agreement must be approved by the owner and signed by our company broker or the office manager. You will be given a move in inspection form and asked to fill it out and return it to our office within 10 days.

We have a high standard in the preparation of rental units, but our standards my not be equivalent to your standards.  Any request to make changes in the current condition of the property or terms of the lease agreement must be in writing at the time of application.  These requests may be written on a separate page or via email and will be considered at the same time your application is processed.

All Rent Payments Are Due on The First Day of Each Month. Late Payment Fees Are Listed in Your Rental Agreement.